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"You'll never find anyone who knows more about marketing technology!"

Greg Writer, Launch Cart

Jeff & his team at Digital Evolution Marketing Group are the most sophisticated marketing tech folks I know. I've been in digital marketing for over 25 years now, and I've never met anyone who knows more about CRMs, automations, workflows, and everything marketing technology related!

"We increased our revenue per client by a factor of 10!"

Tyler Ryan, CEO of LTV Numbers

"When it comes to marketing, the guy is clearly a genius!"

Dan Schulz, $1 Million Ecom Business Owner

"These guys are truly a one of a kind team and go above and beyond for us!"

Miriam Cloutier, FREmedica Technologies, Inc.

"The best at helping us generate quality leads for our business, hands down!"

Candace Writer, Dope Mamas

"A breath of fresh air when it comes to marketing agencies"

Bernardo Moya, The Best You

Your Growth, Our Expertise

As veterans in the business world, we understand the thrill of seeing your efforts pay off. We don't just market; we dive deep into data to supercharge your results. With decades of experience, we know how to transform your marketing strategy from the ground up. Our unique approach zeroes in on leveraging data to escalate your top-line revenue and capture market share with your innovative tech, products, or services.

As veterans in the startup ecosystem, we know the pulse of scaling and exiting. We don’t just market; we strategize for valuation. With decades of collective experience working alongside startups, we understand the journey from the ground up. Our unique approach focuses on escalating top-line revenue and seizing market share with your innovative technology, products, or services.

Step 1


Our FOCUS STRATEGY Growth plan identifies your unique position in the market, helps build on your vision and mission, and aligns your goals with your team's actions.

Step 2

Your Data's DNA

By analyzing the data at your fingertips and aggregating insights from our advertising platforms, we help you uncover what drives your customers to buy and fosters their loyalty to businesses like yours.

Step 3


Model for Growth

Our ATLAS System is a proven process for taking any brand from total obscurity to the top of its industry in record time!

Transformative Focus Strategy Workshop

Our journey with you begins with our signature FOCUS STRATEGY Workshop. This isn't just any consultation – it's a deep dive into the very core of your growth strategies.

We listen, we learn, and we align our marketing prowess with your ambitions. Only then do we deploy our full suite of services.


Marketing Dynamo

From crafting compelling go-to-market strategies and refreshing your brand identity to orchestrating full-scale digital marketing campaigns, we're your ultimate marketing ally.

By leveraging data-driven insights, we help transform your customer journey, ensuring higher ROI and ROAS on your advertising efforts. We consult with you on the changes needed and use our world-class, data-driven ad platform—currently boasting over $600M in monthly volume—to deliver superior advertising results.


Marketing Dynamo

From crafting compelling go-to-market strategies and refreshing your brand identity to orchestrating a full-scale digital marketing campaign, we're your comprehensive marketing ally.

Post-workshop, we emerge as your all-encompassing marketing department, backed by a network of top-tier vendors and internal expertise.

  • Genesis Story Session

  • Visionary Horizon: Mapping the Future

  • Product Deep Dive

  • Target Audience and Use Cases

  • Outcome Realization Session

  • Strategy Brainstorming

  • Wrap-Up and Next Steps

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