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Unlocking Personal Autonomy and Freedom: Jeff Barnes' Journey in Business

December 26, 20233 min read

Have you ever wondered what successful entrepreneurs and business owners do daily? Well, today, we'll take a closer look at the story of Jeff Barnes, the man behind two thriving businesses: Digital Evolution Marketing Group and Angel Investors Network. Jeff's journey is a fascinating one, filled with valuable insights into the world of marketing, investments, and personal motivation.

Digital Evolution Marketing Group

Digital Evolution Marketing Group (DEMG) is Jeff's first venture, and it's not your typical marketing agency. DEMG is a full-service digital marketing agency explicitly tailored for service-based businesses and e-commerce companies. The agency specializes in crafting advertising and marketing strategies that generate leads, increase customer lifetime value, and drive sales.

One of DEMG's key strengths lies in its focus on marketing automation systems. These systems streamline processes and help businesses reach their target audience more effectively. Whether you're a service-based business or an e-commerce company, DEMG has the expertise to boost your online presence and help you grow.

Angel Investors Network (AIN)

AIN, on the other hand, is Jeff's second endeavor. Established in 1997, AIN is a network of investors who collaborate to explore investment opportunities and syndicate deals. The network covers a wide range of investment sectors, including private equity, real estate, startups, and alternative investments.

What's interesting is how Jeff's expertise in go-to-market strategies became an integral part of AIN. When companies sought AIN's assistance, they often needed more than just investment capital; they needed guidance on how to enter the market effectively. AIN found itself helping companies refine their unique value propositions, pitch decks, branding, and messaging.

The Symbiotic Relationship

The connection between DEMG and AIN might take time to become apparent, but it's a synergy that makes perfect sense. Both businesses share a common goal: helping companies achieve an exit in the next three to five years. This means realizing wealth when they sell their businesses rather than having their assets tied up as "lazy assets."

DEMG plays a crucial role in this process. Once AIN invests in a company, a portion of the capital goes towards a go-to-growth strategy. This is where DEMG steps in to help scale up the business, from graphic design and web development to advertising strategy and analytics. It's a holistic approach to creating value and driving growth.

Jeff Barnes' Motivation: Freedom and Autonomy

Now, what drives Jeff Barnes in his journey? It all boils down to two words: freedom and autonomy. Jeff sees these two concepts as synonymous, and his life revolves around helping others achieve them.

Freedom is about doing the things today that will set you free from the constraints that hold most people back. Whether working for someone else, dealing with high taxes, or having all your wealth tied up in a business, Jeff believes true freedom comes from taking control of your financial destiny.


In summary, Jeff Barnes' businesses, Digital Evolution Marketing Group, and Angel Investors Network, are not just about making money; they're about creating opportunities for personal autonomy and freedom. By helping companies refine their strategies and investments, Jeff empowers individuals to take charge of their financial future.

To learn more about how DEMG can help your business achieve its marketing and growth goals, visit this link. Take the chance to unlock new possibilities for your business and yourself. It's time to take control of your journey towards freedom and autonomy.

Jeff Barnes

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